About US and OUR WINES


Our passion and our story come from combining small boutique production with the principles of biodynamics. We focus on small batch high quality natural production that gives our wines exquisite flavor and incredible richness.

We're a collective of individual small wine makers, who have joined forces in a common story. Our goal is to preserve boutique production and the best quality. You can call our wines whatever you want, be it natural wines, craft wines or biodynamic wines - we simply call them wines, wines from our hills - wines full of passion and truth.

The word "LENDWINES" is combination of the word Lendava and wine. Small young wine makers have joined forces in a common story, whose goal is to preserve boutique production and quality. You can call our wines whatever you want, be they natural wines, organic wines or biodynamic wines -we simply call them wines, they are full of passion and truth.  


Lendava is a small multicultural town, surrounded by the steep Lendava hills. This is a region known for its Welschriesling and Riesling varieties and small fragmented vineyard culture.

Small plots of the vineyards that the winemaker takes care of it in the afternoon after his main job. After trying different wines, we fell in love with maceration, which is how the new line of Oloris wines with maceration of white grapes was born. Oloris is a more serious wine in our brand with a late harvest, a few months of maceration. It is followed by wines with shorter macerations, which are fresher.


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Peti says his passion for wine came through years of hating it in his childhood. When all his friends were having fun on the weekends, he was carrying buckets of water through vineyards, helping his father take care of the young grapes. Over the years his passion grew and now he can't see his life any other way. Just look at his smile!

No better feeling than escaping the busy city madness and enjoying a peaceful morning in the vineyards!

We are making wines that we love to drink, with love and respect for nature. Theforce of nature helps us relax and feel free; it fills us with a sense of belonging. Sothis is why we work according to the principles of biodynamics.

There is no such thing as an overripe grape. To make best wine, ripeness has to be on point. Welschriesling is king in our vineyards, the grape goes to the amphoras for a 6 month long maceration, before we can finish the production.

Our first Oloris wine will be ready to drink in 2024/2025.